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Who We Are

Four Corners Health Care is one of the nations leading providers of home care for EEOICPA/RECA
beneficiaries. We are a family-based company whose roots run deep within the mining industry. By
combining a well-trained and experienced staff with the compassion that can only come from our first hand experience, we have set the industry standard for treating these special patients.

Who We Serve

We serve qualified EEOICPA/RECA beneficiaries!
In order to qualify, an individual must have been employed as a uranium miner, miller or ore transporter between
Jan. 1, 1942-Dec. 31, 1971.
An individual must be approved under the RECA/EEOICPA programs and have received a benefits card.

do you have this card?

If you already have this card, then you are already approved to receive no-cost medical benefits!
If you don’t, call us or leave your contact info below.


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